HAPPIA Health and Psychology Principles in Action

Urban developers, planning professionals and public health specialists face a number of challenges in creating healthier environments. HAPPIA Places specialises in overcoming these challenges in both policy and practice.

These are just some of the areas in which I can offer support:

  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA) - what is it and do we really need it?
  • Healthy Urban Planning - how do we get started?
  • Local Plan development  -  creating healthier planning policies.
  • Reviewing Applications - providing feedback and guidance on planning applications.
  • Healthy and sustainable by design - how slight tweaks in your design can make a huge impact.

My work in Healthy Urban Planning has been acknowledged by the Town and Country Planning Association, led me to be an advisor to Public Health England and received an award from the British Psychological Society. I have also been invited to speak on Healthy Urban Planning at the following organisations:

 Town and Country Planning Association
 University College of London
 Public Health England
 Royal Town and Planning Institute
 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
 Marmot City Conference (Coventry)
 Place Alliance
 University of Birmingham
Cambridgeshire County Council
 Westminster Briefing
 Staffordshire University
 Staffordshire County Council

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