HAPPIA Health and Psychology Principles in Action

By: Daniel | June 04, 2016

In my latest 'Talking Sport' column in The Sentinel, I compare a 20 mile round trip taken by car against the same commute by bike. For HAPPIA's first  blog post, I expand on this column and provide videos for both journeys.

A commonly reported barrier to cycling to work is the perception that driving is much faster and therefore gives us time to do the things which are important to us. But is this really the case? 

To explore this, I timed my ten mile commute to work by bike and by car. These were recorded in the same typical week (May 2016) and I set out to arrive at work by 9am.  Although teaching had ended at Staffordshire University, all schools were open as normal and no events were being held in the area.

Part One: down hill commute (10 ...